Elliott Budzinski: Back to Brackley

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Published on March 10, 2023 with No Comments

I’m excited to be back with Andy Low and the Ammonite team

BRACKLEY, England – A lot has changed since my last blog when I was unsure of my plans for the 2023 season or what the future would bring. I’m quite happy to have announced a full go at the BRSCC National Formula Ford Championship in the UK with Ammonite Motorsport, and I have recently moved into an apartment in Brackley with the feeling that a weight has been lifted. It’ll be my first full season in cars and a challenge that I’m happy to tackle.

My new digs, which I’m sharing with my American teammate.

There were a lot of things I learned about myself as a person and as a driver after my last time in the UK which stood out after more time away. While there is every need to take things seriously, I found it quite difficult to settle down and relax, and I discovered that it is important to be able to do that. Having a home base overseas will help in that bid, with a comfortable space away from racing. I am sharing that space with my teammate, Nolan Allaer, who coincidentally is from my home state of Michigan, which means I’ll have companionship away from the track as well.

Our first test with the Ammonite Ray was at Oulton Park.

While there were a lot of things that went into my decision, a few stood out. First, the need to run in a competitive championship where I will be able to learn. It’s also a long championship with lots of opportunities to understand this sport more. I plan to give this season my everything with a bid at wins and the championship, so it was important to start this journey with a solid base which Ammonite Motorsport provides. I am familiar with the inner workings of the team from my experience last year with the Team USA Scholarship, and feel they know me as well to get the best out of me. The prior experience communicating with the team will get me off the ground and running more quickly and effectively. Having a benchmark in the car was also important. Ammonite Motorsport has won the Formula Ford Festival and Walter Hayes Trophy in the past year, putting it all on me to build on that. I think it’s the perfect place to learn how to run an entire season and fight for a championship – really good racing, challenging old school tracks and a difficult car to drive couldn’t be better to help me learn.

Ready to go for my first full season of racing.

The first day back in the car gave me a lot of confidence, and I felt that I picked up right where I left off and more. The time away gave me the chance to consider what I was doing right and wrong, and apply what I had learned. It was nice to have Oulton Park Circuit be the first outing, as it will be the first race of the season. It’s nothing like any track I’ve ever driven before. What a cool place – the elevation, bumps and lack of run off is different. It certainly did not disappoint even after all the high praise I had heard before my first visit. Videos don’t even come close to doing the track justice! Because these cars behave very differently in wet and dry conditions, due to the tires, I’m very happy to have had changing conditions on the first day. I was able to come away knowing that I put in some good lap times, and look forward to the first races next month.

I’m really excited for what’s coming up. I’ll be sure to give more updates throughout the season, but until then it’s nice to be back in Brackley.

All my best to wherever your racing endeavors finds you,

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