The Team USA Scholarship has been in operation since 1990, offering a turn-key media program, and has always elicited extensive and favorable media coverage, both domestically and overseas.

It provides an opportunity to “make a difference” by helping to promote talented, dedicated and generally well-deserving young American race car drivers, male or female, who have already distinguished themselves in the junior ranks.

The Scholarship is provisionally registered as a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation.

There are no “administrative costs” so every cent raised is used to fund opportunities for Team USA Scholarship winners.

Additional supporters are actively being sought at three distinct levels:

  • Silver Supporters — from as little as $1,000, to include recognition on the car(s);
  • Gold Supporters — from $5,000, to include signage on the car(s) and inclusion in all press material;
  • Platinum Supporters — from $10,000, to include prominent exposure on the car(s) and in all press material, plus … you name it!