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Silverstone (October 7, 2011) – After spending a few days at the Cliff Dempsey Racing headquarters in Corby, we made the short trip to Silverstone yesterday afternoon. I had anticipated a lengthy seat fit for the Duratec car at the shop, but it only took about 15 minutes because the seat they had for another driver proved to be a perfect fit for me. It was the quickest seat-fit any of us had ever done!

I spent a few days at the Dempsey’s house with Neil Alberico, who has been driving for Cliff all year long, and one of the mechanics, Sam. Since the cars had been prepped before I arrived, we spent most of the time playing ping-pong at the shop! We had a great time and Team USA got off to a great start with Neil and I winning all the matches against the British guys!! Let’s hope this trend continues!

On Wednesday the graphics guy, George Holroyd, arrived at the shop to start working on my car. It started out completely red but you would never know that now. After a day and a half of hard work the car is back to the traditional red, white and blue Team USA Scholarship livery. We spent most of today putting all of the stickers on. I’m glad to say that I managed to put them on pretty straight this time!

When we got to Silverstone the first thing Neil and I wanted to do was go to get our new Team USA Scholarship suits that had been waiting for us at the track. They look great! Of course we wanted to try them on and they fit perfectly as well — thanks Sparco!! The weather has been reasonably nice the past few days but unfortunately now it’s back to the normal gloomy cold weather that the UK tends to produce. It was difficult putting up the tent because of all the wind but eventually we set everything up and we’re all ready to go. Our first practice is at 10:50am this morning.

I’m really looking forward to driving on the full Grand Prix track here at Silverstone. Everyone tells me it’s a fantastic circuit. We only get two 25-minute sessions today before qualifying on Saturday, which isn’t ideal so I’ll have to learn as quick as I can!

Thanks for reading and look for another blog in a day or two!

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