Felix Serralles – First Impressions

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Published on October 12, 2010 with No Comments

Brands Hatch, England (October 12, 2010) – Ever since the announcement at Road Atlanta I could barely get to sleep at night because I was so excited and anxious to head over to England. It was a long flight here from Florida, and as soon as I stepped out of the plane I could already feel the weather, COLD!! And I only had a light sweater. [I warned him! - Jeremy]

After Spencer and I picked up all our luggage, Cliff Dempsey picked us up and my first view of England was from the back of Cliff’s car in the trunk! Ha-ha! We had two big suitcases, so I had to scrunch up in the trunk with all the luggage while Cliff and Spencer sat all comfortable in the front of the car. I didn’t mind; I was so excited to be in England!

We then went to the Brands Hatch track and the British Touring cars were here among a lot of other series. This was just unbelievable; those cars are so fast! And while we were at the track, Spencer and I went around and met some people including Carl Breeze, who drives the No. 3 Ginetta G50 Cup car, and Colin Mann, who is the PR Manager for Brands Hatch. In all, it was an amazing day!

The next day, after we got to sleep in, both me and Spencer went to the gym and worked out for a while before the rest of the team arrived at the track with the truck and the race cars. We then met up with them and went to get our seat fitting and adjust the belts so we were comfortable in the cars.

Tuesday was our first day out on the track. The test session went green at around 9 am, and the first laps were very fun. The elevation changes are just incredible. Paddock Hill is my favorite corner at Brands Hatch! We got at least 100 or more laps in today [actually 195 each - Ed] and only had a few mechanical issues that were resolved easily and quickly. We still have three more testing days, so by the end of the week im pretty confident we will be running at the top of the charts!

This is a great opportunity and I am very grateful to have the chance to do this. Thanks to Jeremy Shaw, Cliff Dempsey, Team USA Scholarship and all the sponsors!

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