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Corby, England (October 18, 2010) – Well, it was a very unfortunate weekend for me, but that’s racing! You’re going to have good ones…and a lot of bad ones! But overall the experience has been great. Cliff Dempsey Racing has done an outstanding job and I have really enjoyed these past few days with them. I learned a whole lot in the races, the competition was incredible and you really have to earn your spot while passing others; they give no space to anybody!

After my unfortunate mistake in the first heat race, which I fully take blame for, I felt terribly sorry for Spencer. It was an honest mistake…

Cliff Dempsey supplied me with another car that arrived around 10:00pm that night, and I ended up staying late helping out all the crew strip my badly damaged car and prep the other car for the next morning. After a long night, the morning felt even longer, because we had to get signatures from all the drivers so that I would be allowed to use the new car and race. James Beckett helped out on all that and I really am grateful that he made it happen. So a BIG THANKS to him from me!

Once we got the all the signatures sorted it was right into the race. I only had about five minutes after the good news had come! I started in the back of the pack and by lap two I had already gotten up to 10th place and was catching the lead pack. Unfortunately, one of the plug leads slipped off and I was only running on three cylinders and fell back to 14th place which ended my chances of getting into the Final early on. Luckily, I had one more opportunity in the Last Chance race, which I ended up winning.

The Final only lasted half a lap, during which I got up to 15th before getting contact and ending my race. But I was really happy that I did make it to the Final; that was my main goal. Winning the Last Chance races was a bonus for me. I really want to thank Cliff Dempsey himself and ALL the mechanics, for all their help and for a great weekend, even though it was bad for me.

After a long day, I stayed over and helped all the mechanics load up the truck, which took about four hours. We finished up by 11:00pm and went off to the Kentagon to grab something to eat with all the crew.

After that we went to the Thistle – the hotel where Spencer and I were staying, right on the track – and spent the rest of the night with all the guys from Cliff Dempsey Racing and a couple of other drivers and crew members that I met from the Duratec class, including the Festival winner Dennis Lind.

Now I’m off with Cliff, Michelle and Peter Dempsey to Corby to spend the week helping out before testing the Duratec Formula Ford car this coming Friday.

Special Thanks to Cliff Dempsey Racing and James Beckett for everything!

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