Felix Serralles – A Different Animal

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Published on October 22, 2010 with No Comments

Corby, England (October 22, 2010) – Today was the day that we got to drive the Duratec car and it was completely different to what I expected. The car has so much more power so it was very fast on the straightaways but it felt completely different when we got to the corners!

It was a perfect day for testing, with dry and sunny conditions, and we had no mechanical issues at all. The day was even better because Scott Malvern, the British Formula Ford Championship runner-up this year, came down to help us out. It was great to have him around.

I ran the first two morning sessions of the Brands Hatch open testing day, and I took my time to get used to the car because it felt completely different to the Kent car. It moved around a lot under braking and was very challenging in the fast corners like Paddock Hill Bend. I expected it would have more grip but to me it felt that the Kent car had better traction through the middle of the corner. I thought maybe it was just me who felt the difference between the grip levels of the Kent car and the Duratec, but Scott Malvern also believed that the Kent cars are better through the corners. So I wasn’t crazy!

The day went super well and had no “offs” or any scary moments. I’m really glad I got to drive the car, and I really want to thank Cliff Dempsey, our mechanic for the day Peter Dempsey and Jeremy Shaw for putting this together to let us test the Duratec car. Thank you all.

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