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Hi Everyone,

It’s been over a month since the most recent race in the Pro Mazda Championship but I’ve had a busy few weeks. Since there is such a long time between Trois-Rivieres and our final race in Houston I decided to visit Indianapolis. Originally the only purpose was to workout at PitFit Training, which is a specialized facility where lots of the IndyCar drivers go (as well as all the Team USA Scholarship winners – ed). A few days before I left, an opportunity came up to test an Indy Lights car for Schmidt Peterson Motorsports. They have won the last three championships. The test was just outside of Indy at a track called Putnam Park.

I had to drive from Florida because I’m too young to rent a car and needed a way to get around while I was there…not exactly the fastest way to travel 1000 miles but I stopped to visit some friends on the way so it wasn’t too bad. I try to go to PitFit for a week or so every year and the first few days back are always the hardest. Later in the week one of my supporters, Turner Woodard, was testing his historic cars at Putnam Park. I got to do a few laps in his 1979 March 79B Atlantic car and 1975 Chevron B36. It was an awesome experience to drive those cars. They’re so different to what I drive now but a ton of fun. It helped me learn the track for my Indy Lights test as well.

I did the test last Monday and it went really well. Working with the guys at Schmidt was great. They’re a very well organized team and know so much about those cars. The Lights car was quite a bit different to my Pro Mazda; it has way more power and downforce which was a lot of fun. Putnam is a high-speed track but doesn’t have many corners so it’s a relatively short lap time. I was getting more comfortable all the time in the car and hope to drive it again soon.

The next morning I was back at PitFit for more training. It was a pretty busy and intense few weeks but it was definitely worth it. I also went to my first Indianapolis Colts game!

On my drive back down to Orlando I’ve stopped at Road Atlanta to spend the week working as a driver instructor at a Cadillac event. The last Pro Mazda race is fast approaching; we’ll be at the Houston Grand Prix on October 4-6, trying to end the season on a high note with Team Pelfrey.

Thanks for reading, Spencer

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