Josef Newgarden – Reflections

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Published on November 03, 2008 with No Comments

London, England (November 3, 2008) – It’s Monday, the day after the Walter Hayes Trophy, and I return home to America tomorrow morning after spending nearly a month in parts of the UK and Ireland. Yesterday was once again a great result for this year’s scholarship program with my teammate Conor Daly winning the Walter Hayes Trophy. It was disappointing to have thrown away my chance of a victory on lap three after doing so well throughout the whole week, but I know that I will learn from the experience and I will be a better driver in the future.

The entire trip has been one to remember and a total blast for myself and Conor. We were able to take part in some really notable events and visit some prestigious race teams along the way. I believe the experience both of us have shared this month will make us better race drivers and has highlighted our weaknesses so we can learn how to improve. Over the years this program has provided young American drivers with a strong opportunity to showcase their talent.

None of this would have been possible without Jeremy Shaw and the Team USA Scholarship program along with all of its incredible supporters. I feel honored to have represented this year’s team and am proud to be placed among such an accomplished group of drivers who have taken part in the past. I also want to thank Cliff Dempsey Racing and all the crew for all of their hard work and dedication over the last month. Our chemistry within the team was one of the driving forces that helped Conor and I achieve such great success.

I would love to continue my racing efforts here in Europe and I look forward to parlaying this experience into a successful ride for 2009. With a little bit of luck and determination, I believe my dream of becoming an F1 driver is within reach!

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