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Oxford, UK (September 9, 2009) – The 2009 season is closing in on the final few races for the MSA British Formula Ford Championship. So far, 21 of the 25 races are in the books and the last four will be a part of history in less than a month. Currently, I’m second in the points championship, so I’ll let you know how it all comes out in my next blog. It’s been such a great year to learn and settle into the European racing lifestyle and atmosphere. It’s important to always take something away from a situation, bad or good, and learn from it for the future.

Racing in England during my rookie season has had a mix of ups and downs, as has my personal life. In a very short time, I’ve won a lot of races, learned a lot about the business side of motorsports, and a lot about myself. At this stage of my life, what’s most important to me is developing my career as a professional race driver. What I focus on most is keeping fit through good nutrition, staying on top of a my physical training routine and keeping my mind in proper focus for everything I want to accomplish. Of course, I’m spending some time having fun as well!

On a bit more serious note, I’d like to share with everyone a great new cause which I recently joined – the “MAKE ROADS SAFE” campaign. You can learn more about it at I encourage everyone who is able to please look at what this group is doing worldwide and get involved; I think it is a tremendously worthwhile cause!

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