Conor Daly – Irish Wedding

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Published on October 24, 2008 with No Comments

Dublin, Ireland (October 24, 2008) – Today was a very special day for my cousin Stephanie and her partner Stewart, who got married. In fact, it was the second day of their wedding. We missed the first day yesterday because we were coming over to Ireland on the ferry.

The morning got off to a late start because everyone was tired from the night before, and Josef and I were worn out from our trip yesterday. So we got up and walked into the pub for some lunch. Josef and I had some sandwiches and then learned that the wedding was about to start!

So Josef and I hurried back to our hotel room and tried to put something on that looked somewhat nice. We went back over to where the wedding events were just getting under way and had a great time chatting with my family that I hadn’t seen for a while. All my family keeps up with how I am doing in racing so both Josef and I got a lot of congratulations from my family which felt good.

The wedding was quite fun and different. At first, while the priest was reading something, a waitress came in and served one of them a pint of Guinness and the other a vodka and tonic! It was a great wedding and it is always fun to hang out with my Irish family. Congratulations to Stephanie and Stewart!

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